living with passion

Hi and thanks for stopping by, I’m Saleina Marie.

In 2003 I married my high school sweet heart in a small historic church in Port Gamble, Washington. We live in a rural town just a ferry ride away from Seattle with our two kiddos, Grace & Noah. We have a fluffy cat named Sunny and we’re in constant negotiations with our son about adding a pup to the mix. Ask me and I’ll let you know how the negotiations are going.

I’m prone to saying ridiculous things, I love dancing, singing in my car, documentaries, planning adventures and coffee … lots of coffee. We spend as much time as possible outside exploring and adventuring. On any given weekend you could find us hiking, backpacking, road tripping or even hugging trees. We’re die hard Seahawks fans, going all the way back to the Kingdome days. During the week, I run an elite mommy taxi service, shuttling my kids from school, to soccer, basketball and back. It’s a crazy busy life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the ten years I’ve been photographing wedding, some things have changed but I continue to be inspired by your love stories. Nothing feeds the hopeless romantic in me like heading off to some gorgeous location and capturing the love between two souls. Images that highlight you and how you connect with each other is what really gets me excited. I like to capture the wedding day as it unfolds. I’ll help manage all the formal stuff, but I’m always watching for the raw moments that make your day uniquely yours.

If you’ve made it this far, I already think you’re super awesome and willing to bet we’d have a great time working together. So drop me a line, I’d love to set up to time to connect with you!